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Frequently Asked Questions

Chicago Professional Connexion is a social networking and events promotion company.  We specialize in hosting and promoting events.  If we did not answer your question below simply contact us and we will get back to you shortly.


What is CPC's focus? 

CPC's focus is professional networking. We have learned networking is not a two minute elevator spill. In fact, using that approach will get you one thing: FORGOTTEN.  Our network focus is on giving and sharing and not keeping score.  


What is your demographic?

CPC is open to all professional networkers as we are not industry specific.  Our core demographic is between the ages 25 to 44 years skewed 54% female and 46% male.  CPC consists of 22,000+ professionals linked socially representing over 145 different industries.


Can I showcase my business?


Absolutely. Simply contact us here.  We will get back with you shortly to explore hosting your organization at our event.


Not the best networker?

No problem. Our events are no pressure events.  Our networkers are friendly an open to meeting and sharing. Also, if you are still uncomfortable, simply ask questions to see how you may help the other person. You will notice many people will begin to gravitate your way.  So don't be afraid.


How do we get featured?

CPC has begun featuring novel and interesting businesses here on our website that we feel will add value to the network.  Simply contact us here and tell us a bit about your organization.  If we feel it is of benefit to our network we will be happy to feature your organization on our site.


How about sponsorship?

Yes we encourage sponsorships of all kinds.  Simply reach out to us here and we would be happy to explore our synergies.  Please provide detail of what you are seeking.


How does your event flow?

Our events are designed simple. We pride ourselves on being a place were professionals are able to network and socialize. Thus, our event participants are afforded color coded name tags upon entry. This helps facilitate the ease of networking. Our events feature a one hour sponsored bar and music played to create the ambiance but not to detract from networking. 




Did we answer your questions?  If not feel free to send us a note here.

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